Grolsch - Experiment



Did you know that you can create music just by using your everyday YouTube page? All you need is a little creativity and the most basic functions of YouTube. Grolsch presents the musical instrument that everybody can play on.

The Task

Grolsch is a brand that has always been at the forefront of creativity. As such, Grolsch believes that creativity is not about big budgets or complicated ideas, but just about taking something common apart and repurposing it, by looking at it differently. Our challenge was to demonstrate this core brand belief to our audience, by repurposing a window they were staring at numerous times a day, every day: the YouTube player.

The Work

Grolsch reinvented the simple and ever so common YouTube video, with no programming: we turned a video into a digital music synthesizer just by using YouTube’s “jump to” function and clever sound and image editing. Simply put, a YouTube video can become a musical instrument you can play any tune to by simply pressing the keys from 1 to 0, each key corresponding to a different musical note. The clip depicts a real-life functioning installation, made up of Grolsch bottles, in line with the steampunk image of the Grolsch brand. Therefore, Grolsch proved once again that when you add creativity to the mix, you can change anything you set your mind to and offered consumers a new musical instrument, encouraging them to play and create. A media innovation with 0 costs, just creativity.

The Sauce

Hacking. Innovation. Creativity. Music. Video content. Art installation.

The Results


Songs created with our new musical instrument


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