Ursus - Campaign

Epic Delivery


When you can’t go out for a beer, the beer comes to you. Welcome to Epic Delivery - a real-time online beer delivery service that shipped bottles of Ursus directly to the doorstep of our consumers. With no charge and lots of fun.

The Task

In the beer industry, winter always takes its toll, as beer-night tends to move from pubs into consumers’ homes. In 2018, we were faced with a particularly long winter, and the first month of spring only brought us more snow and sub-zero temperatures. In other words, it was not the most inviting context for going down to the pub for a beer with the guys. This meant especially bad news for URSUS, as the brand’s communication platform stands for epic fun that overcomes all barriers that stand in the way. Our challenge was to keep the epic party going with URSUS, even when consumers don’t want to step out of their house for a beer.

The Work

Because not even bad weather should stand in the way of epic fun, URSUS brought the beer right to our consumers’ doorstep. We created Epic Delivery, a brand microsite that functioned as a real-time online beer delivery service. The delivery service was available in Bucharest and Cluj during the evenings Thursday – Saturday (the classical beer nights), for 3 weeks. Consumers were required to access the service online, interact with a series of videos presenting our brand universe-inspired delivery crew, and try their luck for a chance to win a case of beer, on the spot. To make things more epic, the beer was not delivered by your average courier, but by a surprise character inspired by the brand universe. Consumers opened their door to find Elvis, a maharajah, or even a bear (our Epic Party mascot) sitting there, with a case of beer. Needless to say, many selfies ensued.

The Sauce

Strategy. Branded Content. Consumer promo. Innovation. Online-offline connection. Branded content. Brand experience.

The Results


Beers delivered to 450 consumers in 9 campaign days (split over 3 weeks)


Unique website users


Average session duration