Pepsi X SNKRIND - Campaign

The Summer Capsule Collection


A streetwear collection that celebrated Pepsi’s free spirit with all the sneakerhead community in Romania. In partnership with SNKR Ind. we created a capsule of limited-edition fashion items which our fans could win via a digital hunt organized on Instagram.

The Task

In summer 2020, Pepsi wanted to mark more than half of a decade of being in Romania with a special campaign that celebrates the free spirit that unites generations. Since the beginning, Pepsi has been more than a beverage for Romanians. Known for the iconic partnership and events, Pepsi has always acted like a lifestyle brand that embeds itself in the local culture and encourages consumers to embrace their free spirit and be themselves. Our task was to make Pepsi relevant for the younger audience by showing how Pepsi can become part of their lifestyle, appealing to a vertical that is identity-defining for this generation: fashion. We chose to turn to the streetwear community, which shares numerous values with Pepsi: authenticity, optimism, and street-smarts, and love for self-expression.

The Work

For this campaign, we partnered with SNKR Ind., a local brand that is representative of the Romanian streetwear community. We created a limited-edition collection of timeless fashion items that will never go out of style, consisting of sweatshirts, T-shirts, socks, and caps with iconic typography and design, which spoke of both Pepsi and SNKR Ind. signature style. This was only the first step in our campaign. We then had to get these items in the hands of some lucky streetwear fans. First, we created a look-book and a video to show off the collection, keeping true to urban style aesthetics. After we got people's interest and built awareness on the collaboration, we launched a giveaway with treasure hunt mechanics, on Pepsi's Instagram.

The Sauce

Fashion. Branded content. Design. Collaboration. Instagram. Social Media contest.

The Results


Sneakerheads managed to find all the clues on Pepsi’s IG and enter the raffle




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