Ursus - Campaign

Escape Room


Escape Rooms are fun and so is Ursus. So let’s mix those together and create the first ONLINE 100% LIVE CONTROLLED ESCAPE ROOM, available to users via live broadcast.

The Task

In April 2017, URSUS launched a new communication platform, #Inseparabilii, with the tagline “We leave no one behind”, aiming to inspire groups of friends to strengthen their friendship in the face of life growing responsibilities. The TVC announcing the campaign featured a group of friends that went to extreme lengths to save a friend stuck at the office after work, by staging a well-orchestrated SWAT intervention and kidnapping him, so that he could join them for beer night. The digital medium is where our target is present throughout the day, so our challenge was to translate the communication platform and amplify the story from the TVC in digital, in a meaningful and relatable way.

The Work

We made full use of the fact that digital allows for full interactivity and tailor-made experiences and set out to move from simple story-telling to story-doing. We wanted our audience to be able to experience the narrative of the TVC, by making them part of it and asking them to become the heroes in our story. Therefore, we created the only live escape room, streamed, and controlled 100% online. We translated the story into an online challenge: to help a real guy escape his office and meet his friends for a beer night. Using point-to-point live broadcast, and their devices' built-in microphones and cameras, users were able to enter an exclusive live brand experience.

The Sauce

Strategy. Technology. Innovation. Live Experience. Video Broadcast.

The Results


No. of games played


Successful rescue missions


Users waited in line for up to 10 minutes for a chance to play


Unique website users