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To attract MQLs and SALs for Copado and educate our target about the importance of Native DevOps for Salesforce, we created a massive digital campaign employing three different tactics, all with their respective promotional materials and a state-of-the-art email nurturing campaign for lead qualification.

The Task

Copado is the #1 Native DevOps Solution for Salesforce. DevOps is a business-critical element, but this is a fact that remains unknown in multiple cases, as companies opt for doing things manually. However, continuous innovation is predicated by the ability to implement & deploy seamlessly, and innovation velocity is key in being able to stay in front of the competition. Copado is a complete solution along the entire CI/CD process, functioning on the principles of trust, transparency, and velocity across complex delivery processes. Our task was to communicate the importance of DevOps for Salesforce as a business-critical component of enterprise innovation and growth and deliver 300 MQLs and 24 SALs through a digital lead collection campaign.

The Work

We set out to reach Vice Presidents, Directors, SFDC Managers, and Administrators from the top 1,500 Salesforce enterprise accounts, in the Economic and Technical IT sector. We started by conducting research on competitive messaging and tone of voice, which led to uncovering whitespace that Copado could own. Based on our findings, we created three separate digital campaigns, employing three different tactics to draw the attention and interest of our desired target: a DevOps for Salesforce webinar, a downloadable ebook written by SFDC DevOps Evangelist Andrew Davis and a downloadable State of SFDC DevOps Report. All these tactics were supported by digital promotional materials (banners, landing pages, and email marketing). All generated leads were then introduced to an email nurturing program, for lead qualification.

The Sauce

Enterprise-level B2B. Technology. Programming. Lead Generation. Performance marketing. Salesforce. Dreamforce. Email marketing. Content Syndication.

The Results






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Closed deals totaling $425k