IQOS - Campaign



IQOS Open is an online platform hosting IQOS B2B engagement program. It's a content-rich platform on different topics of interest, that employs gamification to reward re-sellers and keep them engaged.

The Task

Iqos is more than the classic B2C type of business. The huge re-sellers network is a very important part of the business chain, that’s why a platform that speaks to all of them was indeed necessary. In this context, our challenge was to find a way to relevantly address, at the same time, small shop owners, shop assistants from modern trade, and consultants from specialized stores.

The Work

We crafted a digital content platform that balanced topics from the economy, business growth ideas, staff motivation, tips & tricks to increase traffic visits, product demo, and so on. Based on content consumption, our members received from symbolic rewards as badges to personalized product offers or tailored micro-learning video courses.

The Sauce

Strategy. UX. UI. Technology. Content. Web Design. Digital. Mobile First.