Episerver - Campaign

Meant to be


Based on an ABM orchestration plan for over 900 enterprise accounts, we delivered a complex digital campaign consisting of creative materials to create differentiation, an ROI calculator with instant downloadable personalized presentation video and report, and a series of digital promotional materials to expand our client's business in the US.

The Task

Episerver is a new e-commerce solution that unifies Microsoft applications such as Dynamics 365, PowerBI, Cognitive Services, SharePoint with the entire Episerver DXP, thus enabling a truly immersive omnichannel experience. It’s informed by unique artificial Intelligence which allows for “automated personalization”. As Episerver was expanding its business to enterprise-level companies in the US, our task was to create an integrated US-targeted campaign for Episerver with Microsoft Dynamics that deliver 20 SALs.

The Work

Our approach was to run a data-driven ABM campaign targeting Microsoft Dynamics enterprise users in the US. The main message of our campaign was that Episerver is the solution with the highest ROI on the market, that delivers seamless integration with Microsoft Dynamics We started by doing extensive research in the online behavior and content consumption habits of our Retail Executives target and mapping out the communication strategies of our competition. This led us to our creative solution to the problem, to communicate the Episerver and Dynamics omnichannel solution as a power couple that was meant to be together and dramatize this through analogies of mundane things that only work best when paired together. We deployed the "Meant to be" campaign through a series of eye-catching visuals, an interactive ROI calculator which allowed for the download of an instantly-created personalized video presentation and written report, and a series of other snackable content in interactive, written, or video format, to further demonstrate the product's capabilities and use cases. This was all topped up with an ABM orchestration plan for over 900 selected accounts, consisting of email marketing, online banners and ads, social and LinkedIn ads, and BDR calls.

The Sauce

Creative concept. Strategy. Performance Marketing. ABM. ROI calculator. Personalization.