Grolsch - Experiment

Awake Music Experiment


To demonstrate the power that music and art have on the human brain, we created an unconventional experiment powered by neuroscience tools that transform each person's brainwaves into visual art, during a live music performance.

The Task

Grolsch is a brand that addresses the creative minds of modern days. They are the multi-taskers and smartphone is the tool for their permanent "connection-ship", the facilitator of all experiences: from concert pictures to real-time work project feedbacks, or food porn. These are also the people that have started to forget how to really listen, feel, and enjoy life without any interruptions. But in this crowded mental setting, they have a powerful ally, "an alternative way out": music. Music is a companion for busy days, as well as a mental energy enhancer. As an experimentalist brand that has music embedded in its DNA, Grolsch decided to remind people how important music listening is for people's brains, by giving new use to an existent technology.

The Work

We created an experiment that used neuroscience to transform people’s brainwaves into visual art. The subjects were blindfolded and asked to wear neuroheadsets while a live band performed in front of them. While the band was playing, the listeners' brainwaves were projected in real-time on the walls behind them, as their imagination started to draw and become visual art. When we introduced daily life sounds (phones ringing or email alerts) into the room, the participant's brains stopped "drawing" the visuals. We filmed this experiment and created a short documentary about the creative power of the undisrupted human mind, which we uploaded to social media.

The Sauce

Technology. Innovation. Experiment. Live Performance. Visual art. Social research. Neuroscience.

The Results


Increase in brand mentions in social media


Increase in brand consideration


Of the target reached