Ursus Cooler - Campaign

The Post-Holiday Holiday


Ever got that feeling of exhaustion right after you came back from a vacation filled with must see places and must do things? Well, it’s clear that you need a few more days just to chill, lay back and relax. In other words, you need a Post-Holiday Holiday as invented by us and our most chill client - Ursus Cooler.

The Task

In 2019 URSUS Cooler needed to protect its leadership in front of a strong challenge: competition had re-designed its packing, launched new aromas, and consistently invested in TV. In this respect, Cooler decided to develop a national promotional campaign to avoid consumer migration towards competitor's offers. But during the summertime, the media space is filled by many brands that try to lure the consumers’ attention with countless prizes and types of promotions. With only 10 available prizes in its NCP, our challenge was to reach a critical mass of people, as well as offer a fruitful digital experience that reinforces the brand narrative: encourage consumers to be more chill in their life.

The Work

We based our campaign on a strong insight: nowadays people are even more tired when they return from their holiday vs how they left because they want to "check into" all of those must-sees & do tourist things. To demonstrate our theory, we developed a branded content type of approach: first, we partnered with Mircea Bravo & Bunica to start a conversation about holidays. Next, we partnered with top travel bloggers that have consistent communities, to substantiate our communication and enhance the brand's perspective by developing curated content about how a holiday should be & feel like. The cherry on the cake was a partnership-stunt made with Tarom in which we took the experience to the next level and invited passengers to become part of our story.

The Sauce

Strategy. Branded Content. Influencers. Consumer promo.

The Results




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