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A fearless world


Can 5 action figures fight against cyberbullying? We invited 5 influencers to tell their stories from the period when they were cyberbullied and created The Fearless Collection – a set of 3D printed action figures depicting those exact influencers with their “flaws” from that period.

The Task

According to Salvati Copiii 2019 research: 54% of 12-17 y.o audience, whose “online life“ is a consistent part of their personality, are hugely exposed to cyberbullying. Even more, 30% of them mentioned that they received an unappropriated online message from strangers. The situation is even worse when our audience was questioned about their coping strategy: 66% declared they don’t know how to react under these circumstances and 40% prefer to ignore the content of these cyberbullying messages. The implication is very serious: This "ignore" strategy is associated with the fear of not being excluded from their group of friends. It's a type of fear directly related to personal status: they prefer to avoid the problem to be integrated. Our task was to fight against this attitude and encourage the audience to raise their voice against this behaviour.

The Work

With our main barrier being how to address the cyberbullying phenomenon in a way that might influence our audience to speak up about their feelings, we turned to their heroes: musicians, influencers, or vloggers with a consistent presence in social media, which are perceived as fearless and successful, perfect in all aspects. But beyond their idols’ cool image, they have personalities that were shaped by feelings and emotional moods experienced during their teenage era. Back then, these influencers were just regular kids with day-by-day fears and weaknesses. Therefore, we invited 5 influencers to share their stories of having been bullied growing up. We then created 3d dolls of them as children and invited children and teens to find out the stories of each influencer and share their message of support on our online platform. Moreover, we produced a limited edition named The Fearless Dolls Collection and our audience could earn win them as a giveaway, based on the support message itself.

The Sauce

Video content. NGO. Social involvement. Cyberbullying. 3D modeling. Online platform.

The Results


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Calls from bullying victims


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