IQOS - Campaign



IQOS Club is a loyalty program that we grew into a full content-rich digital platform, to build a community around IQOS and ensure that we are keeping consumers informed, engaged, and interested in our products.

The Task

IQOS is the innovative heated tobacco product from Philip Morris that was launched in Romania, gaining popularity as a smoke-free alternative to smoking. Our client wanted to create a state-of-the-art online loyalty program for its consumers, to function as a sales (and up-sale) tool, and to keep the community engaged and informed about new product launches and offers.

The Work

We developed a loyalty club with complete mechanics, design of the user interface, and content creation, transforming everything into a fully digital platform – IQOS CLUB, aimed at rewarding the loyalty of users & building a community around the brand. IQOS CLUB is an expanding community, so we constantly add new features, exclusive experiences, and UX & design improvements to keep members active & engaged, and the results are amazing. We also monitor and manage this platform continuously, to ensure that all communities' needs are met and that we are fostering engagement with the brand, through continuous innovation of gamification and reward mechanisms.

The Sauce

Strategy. UX. UI. Technology. Content. Web Design. Digital. Mobile First.

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