Ursus - Campaign

The Chill Battle


The first consumer promo where consumers were required to just chill and do absolutely nothing at all. Sounds easy but becoming Master of Total Chill never is. So who can do more nothing?

The Task

In 2018 Ursus Cooler, the top player in the nonalcoholic flavored beers category in Romania went through a full transformation. The brand moved from its product-centric positioning of extreme refreshment to a more emotional area, claiming the total chillout territory and promoting healthy doses of relaxation as a lifestyle approach. Our task in digital was to raise awareness about Cooler’s new positioning and direct our audience to the new brand online assets.

The Work

We started with the fact that, in this age of constant sensory overload, people find it hard to disconnect, even for a few minutes. They get fidgety and quickly reach for their phone to check out what's new online, where they are bombarded by messages trying to get them to do something, from both their friends and brands. We wanted to approach the topic of total chillout from a humorous perspective, so we invited two comedians to fight for our audience’s lack of activity, in a battle of wits and comedic presence. The one that that managed to convince more people to chill out and watch their content without interacting with their devices at all, won. Through this campaign, we took a disruptive approach to brand activations, by offering consumers entertainment and prizes without asking them to go through hoops or intricate user journeys. We only asked them to chill out for 3 minutes.

The Sauce

Strategy. Branded Content. Consumer promo. Influencer work. Video content

The Results


of total chill


Facebook reach


Youtube views, with a 90% completion rate