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#SiIeriSiAzi TikTok challenge


What happens when you put together the longstanding tradition of Pepsi in Romania, 5 hit songs from 20 years ago and 15 TikTok influencers? You get The Longest Trending Challenge on Romanian TikTok.

The Task

For the CSD category, summer is normally a busy season. However, the Covid-19 crisis meant that the summer of 2020 would be different, with restrictions and social distancing measures still in place. This meant that our target would limit their going out and the number of people they were going out with, so this summer would find them thirsty for fun and looking for alternatives to join the summer party. Our challenge was to find a way to inspire the free-spirited generation of today to continue to have fun and live to the fullest, despite an unfortunate context.

The Work

We decided to launch the longest branded TikTok challenge in Romania, starting from five reinterpreted summer hits, by encouraging people to show us how they celebrate summer. This all took place under one dedicated hashtag, #SiIeriSiAzi, carrying the party throughout the summer. Five of the most popular artists of today brought their own twists to hit songs from 20 years ago. Pepsi then launched the longest trending challenge on Romanian TikTok, lasting for the better part of the summer, starting from 15 TikTok influencers. TikTok-ers were encouraged to take part in the challenge and share how they feel their summer vibe, which are the things that make them nostalgic or make them burst into dance, what their flirting moves are, or show us their crew – all things that you would do offline at a party.

The Sauce

Branded content, TikTok Challenge, video content, user-generated content, influencers

The Results


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